What to do in quarantine (part 2)

7 things to do while staying at home.

Our collection of DIY projects to be done during the quarantine continues.
Also this week 7 projects, one a day, to be done using the 3D printer and laser cutting.
Follow the hashtag #Stayathomechallenge and give vent to your creativity as a maker!

If you missed the projects of the first week click here.

1. Wash your hands

We have seen 1000 tutorials on the importance of washing our hands, but nobody has yet explained how to do it in style!
We all have this obsession now, and the maker community therefore needs a personalized and functional soap holder. This project allows the soap to remain suspended and dry in an instant, killing bacteria and viruses.
Print your soap dish and make even such a small and trivial object more efficient.

Click here to download (by +Lab)

2. Set the table in style

If you miss the restaurant, bring the atmosphere of dining outside within your home walls. Set the table with elegance and reuse a bottle of wine to support this beautiful 3D printed candlestick.
Guaranteed atmosphere.

Click here to download the file (by UAU Project)

3. Do some sport

Since the maker is used to being at the desk for hours and it is said that it has become chair-shaped, we can only start with a soft sport.
Just to remind us that the body is made of muscles, here is a nice indoor set for bowling made with laser cutting.
Just a corridor and you’re done!

Download the files here (by EpilogLaser)

4. Always wear a scarf

Many regions in the world have imposed the use of face masks or scarves to leave the house.
Do not be unprepared and always wear a scarf or a headkerchief, you can wear it directly in front of your mouth and on the anti Covid19 masks.
Secure your scarf with a 3D printed unisex clasp, you will prevent it from falling and you will have greater protection.

Download the file here (by 3DShook)

5. Change winter wardrobe to spring and summer

The warm season is almost upon us and the fateful moment of changing the wardrobe has arrived.
Organize your clothes more effectively using a 3D printed belt holder and tie holder and a laser cut scarves holder.

Tie rack hanger download (by jinja)

Siple belt hanger download (by Hom3d)

Lasercut scarf holder download (by meanderingwhale)

6. Get a massage

The weekly appointment with relaxation continues.
If last week’s desk Zen garden made you find your balance with yourself, take another five minutes a day to relax with a self massage on your shoulders and back.
Here are two models that can be created with the 3D printer and with laser cutting.

CNC massage roller download (by ZenziWerken)

3d printable massage roller download (by Goingmad)

7. Happy Easter

However, this unusual Easter deserves to be celebrated with joy and plenty of sweets.
Prepare homemade cookies in the shape of chocolate eggs and decorate them with the flavors you prefer.
If you don’t have a scale at home, here’s the baker cube we printed last week.
What about Easter eggs? Don’t worry, we haven’t forgotten them, here is a project for 3D printed eggs to be filled as you prefer: gifts, sweets or toys.
Print them with the most colorful pla you have or decorate them with acrylic paints..

Cookie cutter download (by oogime)

And you? What project have you developed in quarantine?

Let us know in comments below.

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