5 good reasons to renew your website

Creating a website is a necessary operation to increase sales and make your business known to as many people as possible.
However, a site cannot go out on its own alone but needs constant changes to maintain its efficiency.
So how do you understand when your website needs a restyling?

1. Your website does not appear in search engines results.

Are you looking for keywords related to your company on Google and your site does not appear on the results page? Not even on the first few pages?
This could be due to poor indexing and ineffective SEO.
A further test is to check the positioning of your website using a clean browser, that is just installed.

IN-DEPTH: A high ranking in search engines is not an acquired right. Google, for example, continually revises the rankings for each keyword, and often updates in the analysis algorithms alter the positioning of the websites.
Effective SEO allows you to optimize your website and get high rankings on search engine pages. This is why it is important to periodically review all the most important keywords related to your business and check if your site appears at least on the first page.

"Effective SEO allows you to optimize your website and get high rankings on search engine pages."

2. Your site is not seen correctly on smartphones and tablets.

If your website is older than 5 years, some browsers may no longer display it correctly. Furthermore, browsing from a tablet or mobile phone will be very difficult if your site is not responsive, meaning it is not able to automatically adapt to different screen sizes.

IN-DEPTH: If your site is not responsive, in the best case scenario from a mobile or tablet you will see it in a lowered version with smaller images and illegible texts. Users will then have difficulties clicking on a link or seeing an item on the menu. In some cases, you may even see the site fragmented with images arranged in bulk and overlaid with texts and buttons.
Problems of this kind compromise the navigability of your site and offer your customers a scruffy and careless image of the company. If your site doesn’t display correctly on the main smartphones on the market, it’s time to renew it.

3. Visits have decreased or there are no new contacts.

Do your site analytics say visits are down? Do your visitors have a high bounce rate? Have you ever installed an analytics service that provides you with methods to control what visitors do on your website? Having systems to monitor the flow on your website can help you improve the structure of your site and increase visits and contacts.

IN-DEPTH: If you do not have online metrics to check the effectiveness of your site, try to think about how many people have called your company, saying that they found you on the web and need your product or service.
How many potential customers, until recently unknown, have sent an email or fill out the contact form to ask for a quote? If this never happens, then your current website is totally useless for your company.

"How many potential customers, until recently unknown, have sent an email or fill out the contact form to ask for a quote?"

4. Your site has not been updated for more than a year.

Periodically adding content to your site generates engagement for your visitors and, as a result, even search engines will find it more interesting and will show it at the top in organic search results.
If your site hasn’t been updated for over a year, it’s really time to get started.

IN-DEPTH: Google continually reviews the rankings for each keyword and evaluates impressions and visitor involvement.
Internet sites that are evaluated static from search engines go down in the positioning and can even go backward in the result pages because they have been identical for too long.
Keep your content, texts, images up to date and maybe think about introducing a news or blog section.

5. There are no call to action and links to social media.

To better involve the visitors of your website, it is useful to insert Call to Actions, that is to say, the concrete actions that your customers can perform on your site, or establish direct contact with them through the Social Networks.

IN-DEPTH: One of the first lessons of marketing is that the recipient of our communications must be constantly invited and encouraged to perform a conversion action, such as the purchase of a product, the subscription to a service, etc.
Your customers will hardly take the initiative and therefore it can be useful to stimulate them and involve them through Call to Action or Social Media.

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