How to increase online sales

If you’re looking to expand your business in the Internet world, here are three tools you can use to increase online sales.

More and more companies are using the web to expand their business. This is because the internet today represents a very important point of sale and offers advantages that are difficult to have with classic physical locations.
Thanks to the web in fact you can be simultaneously in several places in the world and therefore address a very wide audience.

Ecco quindi quali sono i canali da sfruttare per aumentare le proprie vendite:

1. Create an e-commerce

An e-commerce is an always active point of sale that can represent a great opportunity to expand your business.
Why open an e-commerce? Because the advantages that this service offers you will allow your company to make the leap in quality.
In addition, an e-commerce offers special advantages, not only to your company, but also to your customers.
If you want to know 10 good reasons why it is worth opening an e-commerce, read our in-depth analysis in which we will show you all the advantages for you and your customers at this link.

"For ecommerce, the most important thing is trust."

Jack Ma, Alibaba founder

2. Take advantage of Marketplace channels

The Internet offers the possibility to use certain platforms to sell your products or services online even without having an ecommerce.
These platforms, i.e. Marketplaces, are intermediaries on which you can create a showcase for your company, taking advantage of their spread and their audiences of buyers.
Amazon, Ebay, AirBnB, Gumtree, Etsy, Not on the highstreet (NOTHS), GAME Marketplace, etc. are just some of the platforms that allow you to advertise your company and sell your products and services online.

Each marketplace offers different services, and relying on them means extending your sales network and delegating some responsibilities. A bit like the equivalent of a shopping center that deals with the sales network, shop assistants, promotions, payment management etc. in exchange for a percentage on your products.

Exploiting these channels will certainly offer you greater visibility than that of your e-commerce or your physical store, in addition to the fact that you will no longer have to think about some onerous aspects for your company both in terms of costs and time.

3. Encourage your clients

When you have found the right channel to sell online, you can start planning some strategies to stimulate people to buy your products and services.
Both social networks and search engines, in fact, have tools that will allow you to identify potential customers and convince them to buy.

Some of the most important are:

• Call to Action (CTA)
This is the real invitation to action, a button that can be placed on a banner on your website, on a post on social networks and in many other virtual places.

• Retargeting
“Repeat iuvant” said the Latins, and to date little has changed, to convince potential customers to finalize their purchase, sometimes it may be necessary to repeat the message and re-propose your products several times.

• Sales Funnel

This English word, which literally means funnel, indicates a guided tour that you can take your customers on. From the moment they come into contact with your brand, they are channeled into the funnel that will lead them to become customers and finally brand ambassadors.

"Try to get as close as possible to your customers by offering them more opportunities to buy your products."

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