What to do in quarantine (part 5)

7 things to do while staying at home.

We’re about to face another long week of isolation, but for the next few days we’ll keep you entertained with 7 creative projects you can do at home if you don’t know what to do in quarantine.
So here is a new selection of DIY projects that makers will be able to do with the 3d printer and laser cutting.

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1. Organize your tools

With all these projects you’ve created, your lab has become a chaos? Order screws, bolts and tools with this handy desk organizer. It will allow you to have all the material well organized and within easy reach.

Click here to download file (by Ferototh)

2. Play table tennis

If you get tired of watching TV, turn your kitchen into a game room.

All you have to do is print out this kit to create a ping pong table. You just need to get a ball and you’re done.

Click here to download the rackets and net support (by Face3d)

3. Relax (part 4)

Continue the weekly appointment with relaxation.

With this 3d printed head massager you can treat yourself to a pampering and a moment of wellbeing even in company.

Click here to download the file (by anthony voilque)

4. Play with kids

Build the strangest and most exciting marbles track you can think of.
Challenge the laws of physics and entertain your children by creating a series of chain reactions, with these modules you can change your course whenever you want and with ease.

Click here to download the files, several packages are available (by Wabby)

5. Learn to play an instrument

The lockdown is coming to an end, you have the last few days of domestic peace and quiet left to decide to do something for yourself, like learning to play.
Here then is a selection of musical instruments made with the 3d printer suitable for both beginners and experts. Enjoy your music!

Choose your instrument here

6. Play with your pets too

Spend time playing with your dog and cat in an original way. Hide the kibble under the bells to engage your animals and test their intelligence.

Download link here (by Empezandodiseno)

7. Get ready to photograph the world

The gradual reopening is in the air, so get ready to photograph the world with these convenient accessories for your camera and phone.
The first few days you may only be able to take pictures of the surroundings of your apartment, but who knows, even your block may not have any glimpses you’ve never noticed before.

Download tripod files here (by WalterHsiao)

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