What to do in quarantine (part 4)

7 things to do while staying at home.

Here is the fourth appointment with the selection of creative projects to do while staying in quarantine.
For all the makers who follow the hashtag #Stayathomechallenge, here are 7 other DIY projects to be carried out with the 3D printer and laser cutting.

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1. Remote Work

Has flexible workplace transformed your living room into an office workstation? If you lack the comfort of your desk, make this comfortable support for PC and you can work in a correct position, without straining your back and arms.

Click here to download (by THMSDC)

2. Keep your food longer

Did you start cooking these days? Have you prepared biscuits and other homemade treats? Store them properly using these kitchen clips. With the convenient dispenser cap you can open and close your delicacies whenever you want. You will see that they last longer and keep their crunchiness unaltered over time.

Click here to download (by 3D_World_official)

3. Study

Here is a handy tool for all kids who are facing distance learning.

If you have to study from home, do it in style with a comfortable tool made with laser cutting that allows you to keep the book open even if you are comfortably lying on the sofa or on your bed.

Click here to download (by ZenziWerken)

4. Take care of the plants

We have already created our small vegetable garden with the “Speziali”, now the time has come to take care of it by watering the seedlings that begin to grow. Give the water to your basil, parsley and sage with this convenient watering can that allows you to recycle empty water bottles.

Click here to download (by Chiisakobe)

5. Keep fit

If you liked the bowling kit and started to get familiar with physical activity, here are some comfortable dumbbells to create with water bottles.
Adjust the right weight for your physical skills and keep fit with a few sets of repetitions.

Click here to train with style (by Chiisakobe)

6. Take care of yourself (for him)

Even if we have few human contacts, taking care of your body is important. Do not forget your physical appearance and take care of your beard by using this comfortable laser-cut comb to comb it with style.

Click here to download (by TrotecLaser)

7. Take care of yourself (for her)

We took care of the men, now it’s up to the female makers who can rearrange their make up set with this comfortable 3D printed organizer.

Don’t be unprepared for a sudden video call, always keep your brushes and make-up handy in this convenient container.

Click here to download (by RubixDesign)

And you? What project have you developed in quarantine?

Let us know in comments below.

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