What to do in quarantine (part 1)

7 things to do while staying at home.

Following the philosophy of the hashtag #StayAtHomeChallenge, we thought of creating a section for all our maker friends, to spend time at home in the name of creativity.

We have selected 7 useful DIY projects, one for each day of the week.

So here’s what to do in quarantine with a 3D printer and a laser cutter:

1. Count the days

Have you already lost track of time? If you also want to count the days left at the end of this quarantine, make this beautiful perpetual calendar created with laser cutting:

Download the files here (by Durss)

2. Listen to music

If you are used to the chaos of the city and the chatter of colleagues in the office, the deafening silence of the house is not for you. So take advantage of these days to listen to good music on your mobile phone. With this 3d printed phone holder and amplifier, you will enhance the speakers of your smartphone and you will always be in good company.

Download the file (by TiZYX-fr)

3. Call friends

In these quarantine days, the craze of remote aperitifs has started, so why not hear a friend or relative on speakerphone while preparing a cocktail and an appetizer? Occasionally, if we are working on a project, having our hands free while phoning a friend to ask for advice can help.
Here then is an adjustable telephone holder that can be attached to the table. Print it in 3D and start making video calls with your hands.

Download the files here (by yyh1002)

4. Read

Have you had that manual on your desk for too long and haven’t read it yet? Did you buy that book months ago and now it’s lying on the bedside table covered with dust? Now you will surely have more time to devote yourself to these pending matters. To be more enticed to resume your good reading habit, a nice laser-cut bookmark may be for you.

Click here to download the bookmark (by EpilogLaser)

5. Take out the trash

In the houses, the struggle to win the privilege of being able to go to throw the garbage was born. This excuse to get some fresh air has become one of the very few moments of social life we ​​have left. Then amaze your neighbors with a 3D printed multiple bag holder! You will have the same amount of bags that the goddess Kali could carry, but all concentrated in two comfortable hands.

Transform into the god of bags here (by makersmakingchange)

6. Relax

One of the biggest risks of isolation is losing your temper. Especially for those who live at home with many people and with children, it is not easy to face this quarantine.
Give yourself at least five minutes of relaxation a day in which to stay at peace with yourself: put on some background music, turn off your brain and play with your 3D printed mini zen desk garden.

Get ready to relax like a pro (by rodde)

7. Cook

The fast food is closed and you can no longer eat junk food in front of your computer while breathing the PLA fumes of your 3D printer. Well yes, the time has come to change your habits! So lock down can be the right time to learn to cook. We’re aware of the fact that only some makers have a weighing scale at home, then here is a convenient Baker Cube with which to measure different quantities of food.
Makers gonna make, makers gonna cook!

Download this multi-purpose measuring tool (by iomaa)

And you? What project have you developed in quarantine?

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