Shield 19 - The open source anti-contagion face shield

Protect yourself and others

SHIELD19 – The open source anti-contagion face shield developed by Yatta! and aimed at healthcare professionals and all those who work are in close contact with potential virus carriers or even extreme health conditions.

The face protection is to be used in addition (not as an alternative) to other protection systems designed for the airways. It has the main function of protecting the face from aerosols generated by sneezing, violent coughs or splashes of saliva and sweat.

SHIELD19 is a device to be used only in cases of extreme emergency, as in the circumstances generated by the pandemic from Covid-19, as an additional resource of protection in a moment of scarce availability of specific products.

3d printed shield to protect against virus

Two-steps protection

The file for creating a Shield 19 anti-contagion face shield contains a single element to be printed in PLA, according to the parameters indicated in sheet 01 of the manual.
BLDS helped develop the visor and optimize it for printing.

Since this is a protective device (PPE) designed for emergencies, the frequently replaced material must be easily available. In this way, the operator is independent of any specific supply or proprietary interlocking or hooking system.


A4 sheet used as first page protection in business documents, research, reports. To be used on SHIELD19, 4 holes must be made at the distance of 8 cm with a standard office puncher (or alternatively with a cutter).

Lockdown availability: HIGH


TRANSPARENT Sheet protector for A4 sheets and HIGH thickness.

This method already has holes in the side band and does not require further intervention to be used. Being doubled, it can be cut and opened on the long side to double the protecting surface.

DO NOT use envelopes with EMBOSSED finish, they prevent the view.

Lockdown availability: HIGH

Protect who is protecting you. 3d printed face shield with closed top.

BEFORE PRINTING CONTACT US OR YATTA!So we organize the recovery/sending of the visor in your area. 

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