What to do in quarantine (part 3)

7 things to do while staying at home.

Our collection of DIY projects to be done during the quarantine continues.
Also this week 7 projects, one a day, to be done using the 3D printer and laser cutting.
Follow the hashtag #Stayathomechallenge and give vent to your creativity as a maker!

If you missed the projects of the first week click here.

Here you find those of the second week.

1. BBQ

Whether you are vegan or carnivorous, it doesn’t matter, the Easter Monday grill is a ritual, which even if done alone, is worth respecting.

And then begins the preparation of excellent chickpea or mixed meat burgers to put on your steaming BBQ. Help yourself with these comfortable molds and enjoy the Easter Monday grill.

Click here to download (by_andy_)

2. Become a wine connoisseur

Have you ever wanted to understand more about wines and spirits? Take advantage of this lockdown period to deepen the topic by participating in some online courses and creating your own custom wine cellar.
With this laser cut model you will be able to keep your wines at best over time.

Click here to download the file (by ismail)

3. Grow your kitchen garden

Is the queue at the supermarket getting longer? Why not start growing a small herb garden!
With these labels, you can grow what you need a stone’s throw from your kitchen.
You will always have fresh and top quality spices on hand.

Download the files here

4. Train your mind with puzzles

Test your intelligence and concentration with 3d puzzles.
You can make them with a CNC milling cutter or with laser cutting, with each of them you will have fun finding the right combination to solve the puzzle.

Download the file here (by msraynsford)

5. Easter cleaning

After the change of the wardrobe last week, the nightmare of Easter cleaning also comes. The house definitely needs a good deep cleaning and you can do it creatively with this accessory that will allow you to train by throwing punches to the dust!
Good look with your work!

Click here to download the file of the dust knuckles (by speakboylese)

6. Empty your head

If you feel tired and overwhelmed by daily life in quarantine, have fun with these beautiful spinning tops. Observing something in continuous motion can help you focus and clear your mind.
What are you waiting for to print these spinning tops in 3D to watch them spin freely?
Perfect for both adults and children.

Spinning tops file download (by UauProject)

7. Watching TV

TV series, films, fiction, documentaries, thanks to the various streaming platforms we are surrounded by material that we can comfortably see lying on the sofa in our smart TVs and computers.
If you miss the charm of cinema and that smell of freshly baked popcorn, do it at home and serve it with style in this typical 3D printed popcorn holder.
Good vision!

Download the Popcorn Time Bucket (by Duplicate3D)

And you? What project have you developed in quarantine?

Let us know in comments below.

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