10 good reasons to open an ecommerce

To open an ecommerce means having an online store that can represent a great opportunity to expand your business.
So why opening an e-commerce? Because the advantages that this service offers you will allow your company to make the leap in quality.
So here are the 10 main advantages of creating an online store:

1. An additional point of sale

Whether your store consists of a point of sale or branches, opening an e-commerce will give you the opportunity to have an extra space, which you can easily manage remotely and with lower running costs than a physical store.

2. Always open and available

E-commerce extends your opening hours by making you available to customers 7 days a week and 24 hours a day. Your customers will also be able to reach you at times when you physically could not keep your store open and on holidays.

3. Customers from all over the world

The pool of customers you can reach will be very large and not only located in the area where you physically operate, potentially you can turn to the global market.
It is up to you to decide how far you want to expand.

4. Skip the intermediaries

With an e-commerce you can sell directly to your customers without relying on distribution channels. You will therefore have the possibility to skip the middlemen and save on management costs.

5. Profiling customers

A bit like with the customers of a small shop, you can collect customer data, such as interests and similarities, and make the most of these user profiles to offer discounts, promotions and convince them to make a new purchase when you want.

"An ecommerce allows you to be closer to your customers, both in terms of schedules and to better meet their needs."

The advantages of opening an ecommerce are not only yours, but also those of your customers.
Here are the 5 reasons why customers prefer an online shop to a physical one.

1. I do it when I want to.

Your buyers will be able to reach you at any time of the day: at lunch break, at work, at home after dinner, during a trip. With an e-commerce your customers will have the possibility to come to you even when they have little time or are doing something else.

2. I do it where I want

Sitting comfortably on the sofa, at their desk, on the train or in the car during a trip, they won’t have to waste time and miles to come to you, but you’ll be the one to go to them wherever they want.

3. More time, more money

Online customers have more time to evaluate your products and make comparisons. Having a salesperson available can sometimes put pressure on the customer.

Online, however, customers will only be able to make a purchase when they are more confident about what they are buying and on average will spend more if you are able to convince them that your products are the right ones.

4. More security

Secure online payment methods such as PayPal and clear terms and conditions provide greater protection for your customers who will consequently trust you and your services more. Clarifying how to return and introducing refund guarantees will encourage your customers to make a secure purchase because they will feel more protected than a physical store.

5. The surprise effect

One last but far from trivial motivation is the surprise effect: if you want to impress your customers, give them something more than just a parcel with your products or links to your services. Insert thank you letters, small gadgets and coupons inside their order and you will see that they will feel more pampered and you will have started their loyalty process.

As we said before, with an e-commerce you have the chance to understand their interests and amaze them by adding something more to their order. The customer in fact creates an expectation on the product purchased, and exceeding this expectation will earn you authority and trust in the eyes, making him happy to return to shop with you.

"Insert thank you letters, small gadgets and vouchers into their order and you will see that they will feel more pampered and you will have started their loyalty process".

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